Can you believe it? I haven't updated the site in months! Well--I just read Kilmeny Of The Orchard and The Doctor's Sweetheart And Other Stories, and Petra read The Blue Castle before she swanned off on holiday, so we can add some pages for that.

Have you heard about The Blythes Are Quoted? It is a collection of short stories smooshed together in one book--coming out this very October, allegedly! Some further reading for you (Thanks Faith!)



Just in time for my birthday. :)

Now-AvCon. If you went, please, please, please with sugar on top post pictures of 'Avonlea' and all the other places. Someone went and has put pictures on FaceBook, and if she allows me I will either share the link or maybe even post pictures! But I would be so happy if someone else did some blooming updating and posted AvCon pics.

If you are wondering what AvCon is, I can't really explain, butTry ThisHopefully it will make sense :P

Also--I am editing some dolls (no-one else knows this, so surprise! Petra!) and making them look like Anne characters, and then putting backgrounds in--well, trying to. So I may put them up--who knows?

Off to update and add