Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote many poems as a girl, and continued writing them in later life. Often, she used poems she had written in her novels, especially the Emily books. In Rilla Of Ingleside, Walter writes a great poem, The Piper. This piece was written by Maud, a short, sweet piece, haunting.


The Piper Edit

One day the piper came down the Glen..

Long and low and sweet played he

The children followed from door to door,

No matter how those who loved might implore

So willing the song of his melody

The song of a woodland rill

Someday the piper will come again

To pipe the sons of the maple tree

You and I will follow him from door to door

Many of us will come back no more

What matter that if Freedom still

Be the crown of each native hill?

Books of Poetry Edit

  • The Watchman & Other Poems (1916)   
  • The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery (1987)   
  • The Blythes are Quoted (2009)

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