Pat of Silver Bush is a book published by L.M. Montgomery. It was published in 1933, written from Montgomery's home in Toronto, Journey's End.

It is the first in a two-part story about Pat Gardiner, Montgomery's only heroine whose parents are both living. Pat's devotion to Silver Bush and her family and her resistance to change are the main character arcs of the two novels. (Silver Bush was modeled after Montgomery's cousins' home, Park Corner.) Judy Plum, the beloved hired woman, is Pat's dear friend and a master storyteller who keeps Pat rooted in her family's traditions and history.


The book follows Pat from the age of eight to eighteen, beginning with the birth of her baby sister Cuddles, following Pat's friendship with Jingle, an orphan boy who lives next door, and ending with her older sister Winnie's wedding and Jingle leaving for university.