AVT Lucy-Maud-Montgomery 7980

Lucy Maud Montgomery, referred to as Maud by friends, was left in the care of strict grandparents at an early age, soon after the death of her mother. Having no-one to confide in, Maud kept many journals.

She has written many novels, the most well-known being the Anne series. Some other novels written are: Emily Of New Moon Pat Of Silver Bush Jane Of Lantern Hill

Nature feautures highly in Maud's novels. Her favourite wild flower is a June Bell, garden flower a narcissi, or June Lily, and tree a pine.

Maud once confided that her dream was to 'write a book that would live', but promptly declared she could never achieve that. She didn't- she wrote many,many books, that lived, and will never die as long as there are 'kindred spirits' in the world.

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