Kilmeny Of The Orchard is an adaption of a short story Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote. As in The Blue Castle, we are introduced to the male lead before the female. Eric Marshall is a substitute teacher in Lindsay, PEI, as a favour for his friend. The work is dull, and he leaves his boring boarding house in the evenings to walk around the small village.

Synopsis Edit


Eric is teaching in Lindsay. One day he goes for a walk, and finds a beautiful woman, with jet black hair and bright blue eyes and porcelain skin, playing a violin under a blossiming apple tree. Eric trys to talk to her, but she runs off. He later discovers that she is the mysterious Kilmeny Gordon, and she is unable to talk. Before, Eric could have everything he wanted. Now he has to work hard to win Kilmeny's love, because she does not believe she is good enough for him.Until she can talk, Kilmeny will not marry Eric. Janet Gordon reveals the dreadful past of Kilmeny's mother, Margareat, and a doctor friend of Eric's confirms that Kilmeny will be able to talk only by being shocked into it. So when peculiar, son-of-a-peddlar, Italian Neil Gordon tries to murder Eric, Kilmeny must shout--scream--to save her love.

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