Gerald Meredith, or Jerry, is the eldest of the four Meredith, or Manse, children, who, starting in the seventh book in the Anne of Green Gables series, are great friends with Gilbert and Anne Blythe's children, who live at Ingleside. He has two younger sisters - Faith and Una - and one younger brother, Thomas Carlyle, or Carl.

Jerry has his father's black hair and large black eyes, but in him they are flashing instead of dreamy. He has a great sense of self- judgement and is described as being very smart, 'the brightest of all the children in the Glen school'. He is good friends with Jem and Walter Blythe, especially Jem. In the follow-up book to Rainbow Valley, Rilla of Ingleside, he is accused by Cornelia Bryant of making "sheep's eyes" at Nan Blythe. In that same book, it mentions that before he goes away to fight, he was going to start a course at Redmond College to become a minister, like his father. It is suspected that he finishes this off after the war, before marrying Nan.