Lucy Maud Montgomery, throughout her lifetime, wrote many novels, all of which included lots of unique characters and complex personalities. But, sometimes it is difficult to remember everything about them all! Here are the links to descriptions of many of her beloved characters, a haven for those curious or forgetful!

Anne of Green Gables SeriesEdit

Anne Shirley Gilbert Blythe
Diana Barry Diana Blythe
Jem Blythe Walter Blythe
Nan Blythe Shirley Blythe
Rilla Blythe Rev John Knox Meredith
Jerry Meredith Faith Meredith
Una Meredith Carl Meredith
Leslie West Owen Ford
Kenneth Ford Persis Ford
Mary Vance Matthew Cuthbert
Marilla Cuthbert Elizabeth Grayson (Little Elizabeth)

Emily of New Moon Series Edit

Emily Byrd Starr Teddy Kent
Ilse Burnley Perry Miller
Dean Priest (Aunt) Elizabeth Murray
Cousin Jimmy